July 4th-Social Distancing run

Well it would appear that COVID has canceled my 2020 trip to Blue Ridge Parkway on Dash.  Thus, Rick took pity on me and decided to come to me for a short (mileage wise) long (day in the saddle) ride.

He had heard that Gibraltar Road was a scenic road and not far from me so off we went.  I had never been on the road.

183 miles and 5 hours later we made a twisty loop without any freeway.

As we were trying to find Gibraltar Road some nice socially distant walkers informed us we had passed it 50 yards back.  U-turns.  I hate them.  This one I was not feeling very comfortable about as I kept seeing myself dropping the bike, and, of course, due to my lack of confidence drop the bike I did.  So embarrassing.

While Rick took his sweet time sauntering toward me to assist he of course said, and I quote, “Time to go back to StreetMasters.”  Yeah, yeah, pick up the pace Rickina.  Luckily the kind hiker rushed over to help and we popped Raquel upright, checked out my bike (all good) and I tucked my tail between my legs and off to Gibraltar Road we went. It just isn’t a ride if I am not falling over at least once!

The road was quite nice.  Not too many cars, lots of bicyclists, and fairly nice pavement.  We stopped to take a picture and the asphalt was so soft that our bikes started to sink into it.  I pointed this out to Rick and we decided to find a less scenic place to stop.  No one wanted to be picking up 2 bikes.  Again.

Here are some pictures of the Vista.  We were up almost 4,000 feet in elevation.  That fog bank never lifted but provided some nice heat relief as we rode along.

Rick striking a pose for the camera

Mickey decorating the roadside.

Picking up the familiar 154 we headed to lunch and then to Foxen Canyon Road (a perennial motorcycle favorite).   And, I kid you not, not one single car in front of us.  It was magical.  The entire 30+ miles just us.  Turning back around we retraced our steps (but not on Gibraltar Road again) and pulled over (yet another U-turn-come on!) to take a picture of Rick’s favorite car (a 1950 something truck) that he had and it was a red/rust patina  so he painted yellow-insert lots of details here…

Cool truck, but I guess his didn’t have a cactus sticking out of the engine…

Guess this is my 2020 ride of any magnitude.  I will have to plan something epic for 2021 to make up for 2020’s dismal showing.

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COVID 19 Quick Trip day 3

178 miles to home

Total for trip= 596 miles

Today’s ride literally back tracked the first day’s ride.  It was a great riding day.  Little to no wind, few cars, and a lot of nice twisty roads.

Here are the Mormon Rocks that I made Rick and Laura stop for…I would have spent more time there trying to get just the right pick but I didn’t think that would be to well received (no one ever takes off their helmets when I stop–that is the universal signal for “lets hurry it up already!”

Mormon Rocks_2Lest you think I am exaggerating…


HelmetsJust staring and waiting…ha ha.  Now that I look at it this is actually a more interesting image than the Mormon Rocks!

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COVID 19 Quick Trip day 2

240 miles of backroads

Off we went bright and early to meet up with Jess, Cathie, and Rick #2. So nice to see Jess and Cathy again it has been over a year I think. After fussing for literally 15 minutes we gave up on trying to connect to our communicators with 4 people. So 3 was the best we could do. Step aside Rick #2 😂

We left Grand Terrace and rode to Palomar Mountain to have a picnic since restaurants are still few and far between. Laura packed a yummy lunch for us.

The roads were twisty, some were goaty, most were bumpy…I certainly was put to the test today. Some lines were horrid. Others pretty good. It’s always a mixed bag!

Here are some pictures from the road:

This is what we met at the top of the observatory. Our picnic would be on a bench in the woods.

Here is Rick taking a break

From our picnic view. My old Kentucky home, this is exactly the home I want 😉

Hoses scattered all about.
An overlook view
Everyone waiting for me to get done taking an overlook view photo

Some sweet little donkeys by the side of the road as we neared home

Rick just sent this photo of us along the road during a break.

Tomorrow I ride home and Rick and Laura will be accompanying me to Palmdale. I want to capture those Mormon Rocks

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COVID 19 Quick Trip Day 1

Home to San Bernardino = 178 miles

The day was a tad overcast and chilly but it was time to get back on the bike. I hadn’t been riding much and this was a good excuse to meet up with Rick and Laura.

I loaded up the bike and nothing. She wouldn’t start. I knew the battery was fine and the starter was whirrrring so…..hmmmmm. After running through everything in my mind I decided to just keep trying to will it to start. And it did . Off I went …

I ended up meeting Rick and Laura in Santa Clarita and had, what else, a burger. As we were connecting our headsets I of course had tried to fix my microphone the day before and basically glued the wrong side to the Velcro (don’t ask). So no talking for me (which I think Rick appreciated) but I could hear them. Luckily Laura understood my hand gestures especially when Rick began talking about crashes ! The funniest moment that I couldn’t even comment on was when I heard a loud thud and Laura squealed that 3 bugs hit her helmet in succession. Too funny. For the rest of the day Rick led us on 100 miles of nice sweepers and S curves.

Once we got home I stole Ricks extra boom microphone for my communication system and now I can talk back and insist on stopping (like at the Mormon Rocks which are amazing or the Estate sale Rick flew by). Thanks Rickina

Lastly my headlight apparently is worthless. Rick and I changed it out with a super bright one so off we go tomorrow on our COVID adventure

Off to Palomar Mountain and to quote Rick “among other places”

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Women Riders World Relay

Getting there= 348 miles of pure yuck

The ride to San Francisco is never fun.  The 101 is a boring slog but once you hit Oakland its a lane splitting nightmare.  Though the drivers seem to be aware of motorcycling lane splitting and about 40% of them move over which is a blessing.

Once at the hotel I went over a list of things that Dash will need fixed before he is 100%–but more on that later.

The actual miles= 412 miles via PCH 1

The day started out with a ride to Pacifica…at 6am…in the dark!  Now anyone who knows me knows I do not ride at dusk, dawn, or during the night.  Regardless of the motorcycle I have only ridden in the dark literally 3 times.  Once when SOHC-4 boys insisted on going out to eat in San Luis Obispo and we rode to the  hotel after.   A second time when I planned poorly a fun ride to Jolen and misjudged the amount of time it would take on the ride back.  The third time with Rick and Laura riding in Colorado when for the life of us we couldn’t figure out why Laura’s bike kept stopping.

The fourth time-

My Bay Bridge at night

And this is the last time I will ever ride across the Bay Bridge at night.  Thirty miles to Pacifica to meet up with the other riders.  Here were about half of them (the rest were at Santa Cruz waiting).

Dark and cold

There was a film crew there to document the event and Dash was of course a hit.  Here is a photographer taking pictures of Dash.  They were swarming around and I think they got a picture from every angle.  I am going to have to figure out how to get my hands on one of them or where the film will be posted.

And here is the cutest thing ever.  These 2 Corgi’s (the other one was out on a walk) travel around on the bike.  What?!  They are really well behaved and adorable.

We left at 7:30 am to get to Santa Cruz, CA for the rest of the riders and here is a long shot (not all bikes are in the picture).  There were a lot of bikes there–I think about 50.

We literally took over the parking lot.  There I am in the bottom right corner–a shadow trying to get the shot

At the ride meeting it was decided that there was no way the entire group could all ride PCH 1 and get to Los Angeles in time for the party.  The organizers asked who wanted to go the 101 (What?  Oh hell no) or who wanted to take PCH.  My hand shot up first for PCH (I would go alone if need be).  About 10 others chose PCH and alas my dream of riding down the 1 with 50 other bikes, a group of women never to be seen again,  immediately ended.  Done.

Our small group huddled together and made plans for lead and sweep, trip route, gas stops, lunch, etc…But before we left Santa Cruz the entire group met at the Santa Cruz Surf Museum for photos by the film crew

We took over this parking lot too.

Have you ever watched women getting their photos taken?  It takes a really long time-ha ha.  The PCH crew didn’t have patience for this so after a tentative question, “Do any of you want to stay for the picture?” which was met with utter silence.  Question asked again.  One brave soul said, “Not really.”

Off we went.

Some pictures from the road…

Love my tunnels.  This was from the initial ride to Pacifica, CA


Once home I made a list of what Dash needs to be 100%.  Though his engine is so much stronger.  Every gear pulls amazingly well and he loves running along at high RPMs which I am being more tolerant of.

Here is the list:

  1. I need new fork springs and to change the fork oil.  I don’t recall when I did it last (but know I did it) or how often that is supposed to be done.  Ugh.  I could feel it starting to bottom out.  My arms and shoulders are paying the price today!  That’s a job for Jeff.

2. For some reason I have Gorilla tape on the clutch lever.  Why?  I cannot recall.  Well in the heat the glue melts to it and that darned tape keeps sticking to my gloves    Not fun.  Was actually shocking the first time it happened.  LOL

3. I need to move the shifter rod down a spline or two.  What was I thinking

4. My rear brake lever spring is shot.  Guess it only has a 42 year life span.

5. I need to hook up my transistorized ignition.  Though Dash did really well with the Honda points he will be so much smoother without them

6. and last but not least my idle is off.  After the engine warms I have to adjust it back to 1000 RPM.  Don’t know what that is about as it never did it before the engine rebuild and the carb cleaning.  Easy fix just wonder why.

So that was my WRWR ride.  Not what I imagined but what really is?  So fortunate I could be a part of this historic event…maybe sometime I can ride down PCH with 50 bikes…one can only dream.

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Day 12 Cedar City Utah to Grand Terrace CA

CAR= 879 miles

MOTORCYCLES= 2,112 miles

Home safely (well to Rick and Laura’s house). An uneventful ride if not long. 😂

Tomorrow I go home and see my kitties and sleep in my own bed.

What a great trip. I cannot believe all of the amazing sites and especially the animals. By the time I return home I should have 2,402 miles total.

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Day 11 Wendover Utah through a lot of Nevada and then to Cedar City Utah

320 miles on a plugged tire.

The tire did very well so Ricks hard work on the flat paid off. I was very concerned but after 150 miles my concerns dissipated. We will see what the PSI is in the morning now that the bikes are back on the trailer

Our first stretch of nothingness was along the Pony Express line. It is actually a fascinating story.

Check out the hand bill ad for a rider too funny

While we criss crossed between Utah and Nevada it was a long, hard, slog of a ride. So much. Boredom. Until the rain and wind joined in to jazz up the party.

The bikes are ready for their 600 mile journey to Rick and Laura’s house. Then I ride home and thus ends our adventure and what an adventure it was.

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Day 10 Bellevue Idaho to Nevada and then to Wendover Utah

282 miles on a brand new tire AND I got a flat…yup…a flat. But more on that later

SR 75> 93> I-80

We started out on a very straight ride to the last vestige of Evel Knievel’s Snake River jump near the Perrine Bridge.

Just off to the upper left is a mound of dirt this was the point that he jumped across a mile long chasm and his parachute deployed prematurely and he did not make the jump. At the Visitor Center where we stopped a volunteer was a Deputy Sheriff and there on September 8, 1974 (45 years ago in 2 days) and said if that hadn’t happened he would have made it easily.

Some more pictures from Snake River. It is breathtaking

And the Twins which reminded me of my gypsies

Next stop was Shoshone Falls. So beautiful and humid

Here we are riding out and on to Utah

However we were riding into the eye of the storm which just got worse and worse. Here Rick picked up some tumbleweed

Then…the rain and the cross winds began. And it was some pelting rain and unbelievably strong winds

Until…Finally blue skies

Rick couldn’t wait to get to Bonneville Salt Flats where he was immediately accosted by a tourist who literally jumped onto the back of his bike as he was taking a picture. Too funny 😂

Then he and Makayla took a ride on the salt flat

After that adventure commenced I went to put gas into my bike and noticed my tire seemed flat. Rick found a nail in my brand new tire! Ugh. Look at that thing


So we pumped it up and went back to the hotel to plug it (and by we I mean Rick while I watched) and I was also lucky enough to capture a rare Rick smile!

We shall see how the plug holds. What an irritant…

Last day of the trip is tomorrow so hopefully it will hold until I can get home.

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Day 9 staying put in Bellevue Idaho

No riding today

Also no potatoes. How can there be NO potatoes in Idaho?

This was as close as I got

I think this is literally the only piece of candy that I refused to eat. It just didn’t sound good

As we drove around Hailey (after dropping off my bike and it is all rearing to go now) and Ketchum we saw elk.


and male.

Rick likened these next shots to a Bigfoot sighting. LOL

As we walked around the kids found the only chair where they can sit side by side and not yell “Stop touching me!!”

Dinner…because with kids it’s all about the food (well ordering not really eating it)

Tomorrow Evel Kneival!!

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