Quick ride to Willow Springs raceway

First time using the Kindle Fire to make a post…geesh…looks like I typed with my toes.  Here is the corrected version…

Rick and I traveled to Willow Springs as our friend Walt Fulton was racing there on Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily it wasn’t as windy as I was expecting.  After a quick 300 mile round trip and there we were.  Before the race we stopped to look at the vintage bikes (even though Dash was clearly the loveliest).

Here is a special little something I stumbled across…Walt assured me these are all the rage in Japan and that the women love to ride them. I’m skeptical but he insists.


I rode the Willow track twice with the SOHC4 boys and the joke is them asking me why I rode it so slowly and I replied that I was trying to make each curve count!

Rick and I then attempted to find the invisible Wes Cooley. A famous rider that I don’t know of but Rick likes him second to some other fellow named Eddie?  At any rate he was invisible to us but apparently not others. At one point I told Walt we could not find him and Rick was making me ask indiscriminate men if they were Wes.  Walt promptly replied, “he was just here”. Yeah, yeah-sure he was….

Walt’s race was super fun and he came in second. He is such a wonderful rider.

Here he is second and on each turn he would gain but the 2 stroke in first place just pulled away in all the straightaways.

Off to ride Dash for a bit more before I put the finishing touches on him for our Side To Side USA tour in August…6,000 miles (give or take)

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Ron’s Ride to Randsberg-340 miles

The Central Coast Riders (CCR) and another club got together to ride Ron’s last mapped ride for CCR.  It was a tad cold getting to the meet up place but my fingers warmed up quickly enough.  It was lovely to see old riding friends and meet new ones.  Bob printed up a picture of Ron, the last one taken on the ride in January, and we put them inside our windscreens so Ron would be on our adventure.  I have to say I was a bit surprised at the lack of twisties. Normally Ron chooses the most difficult way to get anywhere.  I kept expecting a sneaky hairpin at any moment.

Here are some pictures getting to Randsberg.


Lake Hughes actually has water!

This road may not look it but there was a section where I felt like a cork in an ocean.  What happened to that road is anyone’s guess

We passed the Rock Inn (Rick’s favorite place-well one of his favorites).  Sorry Rick no hat, pin, sticker, patch, or T-shirt for you.

Once in Randsberg it was packed with off road bikers and the lot of us.

And here we are (well some of us anyway)…the group got restless after the 9th picture

This is a picture of some of our bikes lined up.  We ran out of room.

And here was a memorial that Sal made and put on the canon.  Such a cute foam motorcycle

R.I.P. Ron. You will always be in our hearts and prayers



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A quick ride home (180 miles)

Rick and I left at a leisurely pace to ride the 2 into Acton and then we split off after a yummy lunch and Rick actually contemplated not even have a hamburger!  I’m still shocked…  Though of course he ordered his standard lunch (one day Rick, one day).

The 2 was a ride we have done before (flash back to when Laura clobbered me on Soledad Canyon Road).  The turns are mainly easy with just a few tight hairpins– the perfect amount to keep the ride interesting but enough time to day dream.

Time for them to come on out to the Central Coast.

Once I got home I fixed the rear brake (time to take a look at that pad when I get a new rear tire) and find that pesky oil leak in the oil pump (my boots and pant leg can only take so much oil spray).  That will have to wait until the weekend.  Have to get Dash ready for his cross country ride in 2017.



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High maintenance Bella (256 miles)

The day started out chillier than anticipated. Rick decided to take Bella who was already acting up by not starting.  But Rick persevered and about 20 miles into the ride Bella ran out of gas on the freeway. Rick was able to pull to the side and Dash jumped in to save the day. Off we rode to a gas station where I promptly stole a cup, filled it with gas, and rode back to rescue Rick. 

You’re welcome. 

Off we rode to Palomar Mountain. A lovely, if not rock strewn, ride of sweepers and S curves. 

On our way home we stopped at Santa Ysibel Mission that had  the most peaceful graveyard.  Every November 2nd they have a night of lights in the cemetery so on this day melted candles abounded 

Our last stop was a deteriorating adobe house just hanging out on the side of the road

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A weekend ride (230 miles)

Decided to meet up with Rick and Laura for a Veterans Day ride (which also turns out to be their birthday months ride- much to my chagrin- I’m an awful friend. Who can remember all these things?)

Laura wasn’t feeling well so Rick and I were stuck together. After he insulted my GPS because I could not find stupid Bert’s MegaMall we met up in Azusa for a ride to Mt. Baldy. No cars and some lovely hairpins which scare me less since our Alps ride. Ha ha 

One of the right hand turn hairpins and Dash’s OEM speedo and tach. I love it 

We stopped for lunch at the most expensive place ever (Mrs. Unruh’s Famous Buckhorn Lodge pub) but it was all worth it because there were Rock ’emSock’em robots!!!! And Coca Cola in bottles.  I won but only because I gave Rick the robot with only one arm working ha ha 

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Rick’s pics are in

Well a few anyway. I’m waiting for him to download the thousands he apparently took. 

Here I am crossing into Italy. Rick was taking photos with his digital camera. I do not know how that is done but it always makes me nervous 

Rick said these pictures were of me NOT falling in a hairpin. What a smart ass 

Those turns still make me cringe…and these were the easy right hand ones 

A nice view of a village. I think this may have been the one that Rick swore was inbred thus prompting his “Do you want to marry your sister or your other sister” comment 

And finally pics of my sweet Dash’s fairing.  He is feeling a little ignored with all these Alps posts .  This side is where I place the stickers from places I have been on Dash 

And here is the right side stickers of places I have been without Dash 

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John & Christie pictures are in…

Well here we go.  Now Cristi (sorry I spelled your name wrong in the blog but I am too lazy to go back and correct it) was taking pictures from the back of the bike- big sweeeeeeeeeping panoramas….

Here is a picture of John and  Cristi

20160807_122105 - Copy

and me upright riding behind them for a moment as John is a bit of a speed demon!  See how crooked I ride–that is from years of riding Dash-

20160807_093454 - Copy (1)

cows everywhere…While Laura was purchasing every snow globe in Europe, Diane was buying up cow bells like crazy.  I wonder what she is doing with them right now?


A pretty town…God only knows where

20160807_122130 - Copy

Where are we?  No, really I am not joking!  Where in the hell are we?  Helloooooo


Hell with it.  I’m photo bombing…


Hey Rick, haven’t seen one of those in about 5 seconds.

20160807_143305 - Copy

I know where this was, in Zermatt.  Great picture Cristi.  A tad creepy, but definitely a keeper.

20160808_202415 - Copy

and finally the sheep jam which Rick, Laura, and I missed because we were stuck in a tunnel on our way to Milano.

Sheep jam…that’s funny.


20160808_154529 - Copy

Yup.  The Alps.

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Alps images continue to trickle in…

Here is a map of the entire ride (with exception of one small straight line when I forgot to turn on the spot)

ALPS_Aug 2016

Here is a street scene where Laura and I tracked down an Italian police officer for a photo opportunity.

A skirt and a gun!  Now we’re talking.  Rick asked her if it was a Glock but she did not answer.  She is a woman of few words.

Police _1 Police _2

A picture of the Matterhorn-which unfortunately we did not have time to truly explore

A ferry ride where I decided to photo bomb John and Christie

Then me alone…

A picture of San Bernardino (which amused Rick and Laura to no end)

and some random pictures from somewhere along the line


After the last fall Rick likened me to Artie Johnson on Laugh In who used to ride a tricycle and then simply fall over.  Something like this:

Martie Johnson_laugh in

which is exactly how it looked too–ha ha

Lastly, here are my souvenirs

My new patches sewn onto my rucksack--ready for the next ride

My new patches sewn onto my rucksack–ready for the next ride

My new pins from my favorite passes- Stelvio and Furka

My new pins from my favorite passes- Stelvio and Furka

Only thing left are the stickers on Dash’s fairing…

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Alps tour last day about 1,400 miles total and 12,000 switchbacks

Well here is the last day of our most amazing Alps tour. What an adventure. To have so many different people come together and actually get along. My most favorite ride was Furka Pass on day 3 and my second favorite was the first day Stelvio Pass. Today was actually easy and we all were tired. In the morning briefing no one said a word. Some were sad it was ending, others just outright exhausted (count me among those), or maybe we weren’t getting along as well as I thought. Ha ha 

Here are some pictures from our last day.  An Italian tunnel cut from stone. It was a nice leisurely ride through Italy and back to Austria with less hairpins and more sweepers 

Here is an example of one of the sweepers we went over to get to the Timmelsjoch pass.  This pass is also where the Iceman was found in 1991

In Sarntal we stopped and the sounds of the bells around all of the cows neck in the valley below was just lovely. Like living wind chimes 

We stopped somewhere for lunch and were immediately surrounded by a swarm of bees. They caused both entertainment and consternation.  Apparently they really like soda.  By the end of the meal the men in the group were finding unusual ways to kill them while Laura was successful at simply trapping them and letting them go after we had eaten. 

Our next stop was Austria and the Top Motorcycle Museum – Rick’s favorite- ANY motorcycle museum. 

Everyone went inside the museum but I chose to just look around at the free stuff. Upstairs I found this sweet ride (this one is for you Annette)

Outside informational booths spoke of the powers of pine. Apparently you can save the equivalent of an hours work, every single night (something about saving 3,000 heartbeats), by sleeping on a Swiss pine wood bed.  Hmmm, tell this guy that!

Tomorrow we head back to Munnich and eventually home to California. I am definitely ready to return home even though this was definitely the Alps Adventure we sought. 

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