Reunited and it feels so good!

Reunited and it’s understood…

Yes, my handsome boy is home again in his rightful place. It has been over a year since he has been here.

Saturday will be the test as I break in the engine.

So happy I can’t even describe it. 😊🙃😊

Here is Jeff before Dash left the shop. He was double checking my work (he doesn’t like pictures so I have to sneak them in ).

Jeff is the best

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Dash is coming together ever so slowly…

My sweet boy, it has been far too long.  But now at least the carbs are on.  This weekend adding the pods, hooking up the electrics, new clutch cable AND….

waiting on the mufflers to come in as the ones on Dash were horrible–who knew?  I just clean the things I don’t inspect!

Here he is with carbs mounted just a few more steps to go…

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Back home from SPLASH

And Raquel earns dirty traveler award of the day

Slogged home on I-5 >126>101

612 miles today (and I’m exhausted)

1,740 total miles for the trip

Of course I finished yesterday’s post and then all sorts of things happened.

After I finished writing the blog I went out to talk to the other SPLASH friends and only Eric was there. Where in the heck did everyone go? Then Jackie came out and joined us. Apparently everyone went to bed. When I told them that Jimmy went in to town with 3 others we decided to catch up with them (I had very little time with Jimmy this trip and was determined to correct that). We knew they were at one of the bars and there are only three. The first 2 nothing. The last one we called and asked if they had 4 drunk Canadians and they said they just left in the drunk shuttle van. And then the van passed us. Yes, Weaverville actually has a drunk shuttle van. So back to camp we went. When we got there Jimmy was walking in circles muttering Canadian nonsense. Something about how it’s pronounced root not route and a boat not about 😄. We stopped his perseverating and back we all went to the bar where we proceeded to get drunk and leave around 1 am. Though Erick and Jackie remained. They are die hards. I look forward to seeing them next year.

Here is a picture of Eric at the bar – almost tall enough for the hat. This just cracked us up.

All of that is to say we were planning on rolling out at 6 am. We did not make that deadline!

I finally left, with shaky intestines, around 7:30 to a moderately cool morning but definitely worse for the wear.

Whiskeytown one last time…

The ride was perfect weather until the middle part where I sobered up but started to get sleepy in the heat. Once I got near the Grapevine it cooled again and I woke up. Thank heavens for Bluetooth music.

612 very long miles (but much nicer than Kansas) home safe and sound.

What a trip. 😵

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SPLASH full day ride #2

3N>1CO1 Cecilville>96S>299E

235 miles

Another lovely ride with just enough S -Curves and twisty turns to feel challenged but not taxed.

Jimmy has been on his typical Jimmy rides (which is likened to the brand of Zorro as it always takes him three times as long to reach his destination) that I joked I was only seeing him in passing. This morning I captured him

After this special moment Tony and I rode off to find single lane roads and stickers. After encountering a deer who could not quite decide to go either left or right it decided to go left in front of Tony. We escaped danger which was fortunate. Tony kept asking if I wanted to lead and I kept declining. He persisted and I kept declining. I don’t think he knows the lengths of my tenacity.

We then took a lovely ride on the 3N and saw snow covered mountains off in the distance. So remarkable

Further along we stopped in one of many small towns. Each of these places triples as bar, grocery store, and gun shop. I’m not kidding (they also all sell bait) This one had a flea market (take note Rickina- Tony stops at flea markets 😄)

Inside the bar has $1 bill’s stapled to the walls (love it) so Tony and I added a buck

After Tony added a slim Jim to my tank bag – Off we went to Cecilville and stickers. Tony has taken this ride East earlier and met the owner of a bar/cafe/music venue/ gas station that also sells worms named Monkey. He was giving out stickers to motorcyclists so you know I was going to end up there

Monkey came out to greet us and hand my stickers to me personally- it’s the little things that count. He has a great set up there.

Tony then wanted to take pics at the smallest post office

Where he met a fellow motorcyclist who works for Apple (Tony works for Microsoft). As you can imagine a protracted discussion ensued where each man tried to wrestle trade secrets from the other. Entertaining and boring. Tony suggested I should just have a cigarette and wait out the verbal match. Which I did. I also took a picture

It was 125 degrees. As we finally got back on the road Tony again asked if I wanted to lead “no”. He then asked if I wanted to take a picture of the 300 ft drop to the gorge below. I explained I am afraid of heights. He said “oh” and then continued to ask if I wanted a picture of the sheer drop. He then said HE wanted a picture and would I take it. I think he was trying to kill me – but I couldn’t figure out his agenda. What would he get out of that? I casually mentioned it to him, in my demure way, and he stated “no, I’m not on your insurance plan”. A sensible response but I was still keeping one eye on him!

After we got off the 96 we decided to eat and of course the restaurant served multiple purposes

That’s just in case you didn’t believe me

As we rode into Weaverville it started to rain (just like yesterday and in the same spot as well)

And there you have it. I survived and it was a fantastic two days of adventure and fun. Thank you Tony for being my tour guide. It was great getting to know you.

Thank you SPLASH- and Jimmy wherever you are – see you next year!

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SPLASH full day ride #1

219 miles of curves and twisties


We began almost exactly at 8:30 am and of course we rode the 36 since all SPLASH rides consist of the 36

It really was a spectacular riding day and route 3 (which I have been told is pronounced root not route) did not disappoint. I rode with 3 others and Tony was forced to ride point so the pace was perfect for me. Once we got to the 36 the picture taking began (luckily Tony likes pictures and Dan and Jim didn’t seem to mind)

Here we are all together

Jim, me, Tony, and Dan

Off to the side I noticed an extremely large dirt hill and mentioned that someone should do a hill climb. Little did I know Dan went to the top to scope it out and while we walked up he got his bike and met us. I was only kidding!

Here is the hill. If I had known my wish would be granted I would have asked for Slim Jim’s and tasty cakes.

Here he is riding back down

Off to the 1N and a one lane twisty road with enough pot holes to keep me awake. I did pretty well on the turns and kept up but I am certain I hit more pot holes them the other 3 combined.

The day started out like this.

We then climbed to about 6,000 feet and out of the green Came the burn scars and a tree line of grey

It was both sad and remarkable

After 50 miles on 1N and about 2 hours to complete portion of the ride we stopped for a brief snack

On our way back to Weaverville we picked up the 299E and two separate rain showers which was welcomed as it was getting very hot Once out of elevation.

Back at the cabins the rain picked up and we were all regaled to a thunder and lightening show replete with a double rainbow

All in all a wonderful day. Tomorrow off to get some stickers to commemorate the trip (luckily Tony likes those as well-we are kindred spirits) and I’m sure the 36 will be in there somewhere. 🤨

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Weaverville,CA and SPLASH

380 miles today

What a wonderful riding day. Perfect weather and a casual start. I knew that the 130 was going to be the most technical and the west side of 130 did not disappoint. What a mess of hairpins that was. I had PTSD recalling the European passes. I kept telling myself not to fall in one of the turns which apparently worked as I did not fall but I don’t know if I want to do that again. it was a goaty road but I found the meca for Rick. The 130 is your road!

I did this part with Jimmy many years back but this trip I wanted to ride the entire length (75 miles)

Here is the west part of the 130. Looks and felt like the Alps ride! Those hairpins were challenging

Here I am at the top of Lick Observatory. Looking over San Jose about 25 miles away.

After leaving the hairpins fell away to S curves and sweepers

Along the way I saw about 5 cars total, 1 snake slithering across the road and he was big, 1 wild turkey sauntering across the road and he looked mean, a crew of Caltrans workers and they looked bored, and 1 U Turn to take a picture of this!

Yup. A graffiti rock. Don’t see them too often

And on the pavement more graffiti

But alas all good things must come to an end and so did the 130

For the next 4:44 I was on I-5 and it was hot. Then I took the 44 to get to the 299 and when I looked down the clock said 4:44- some angel work there! And to drive that home I was riding toward Weaverville through Whiskeytown. Now that’s providence.

And here is a picture as I approached Whiskeytown Lake.

Tomorrow off with SPLASH. Fingers crossed I live to tell the tale.

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Off to meet SPLASH

292 MILES to San Jose CA 

Well, as with all well laid plans…I arrived with no issues.other than cold and wind but once here I looked over my next route to get to  Weaverville and the SPLASH meet up only to see that the 130 route is going to take roughly 2 hours to go 75 miles. The upside is once I am done with the 130 it will take 4:44 minutes to get to Weaverville. Guess it is meant to be wouldn’t you agree Nay? 😀

So after much  Plotting on my GPS the 130 it is. Hopefully I don’t get lost (that would prove nearly impossible given it doesn’t have a lot of roads branching off) but it is me…sooooo

Where in the world is Rick when you need him!

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How was the ride home from Carolina’s?

Cold but thanks to Jennifer I ordered a cable so I could run my heated jacket and it was a life saver. Also there was hardly any traffic so I just literally flew home with nary a slow down.

I decided to get off the 101 and take the 41 as I used to drive that when I worked at Atascadero State Hospital. I remembered the drive as prettier, more canopies of trees. But isn’t that always the way? The past is either vilified or idealized…

But this was a nice section

Raquel and I always stop for numerous rest room breaks and today was no exception. Here she is looking majestic and waiting to get on the go. She is an adventurer that one

And here we are Home Sweet Home! The best sight ever

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How was the ride to Carolina’s?

It was a cold and dreary day…

Just over 8 hours of constant weather. At first just cold (around 48 degrees), then fog banks where you could not see 500 feet coupled with droplets of water which soaked my gloves, then the sun poked out, then it went away and just stayed cold, then wind and wind gusts…and that was all in the first 2 hours. Rick would have been very unhappy.

The rest of the time it was just chilly until I got to San Francisco where it was crowded and 48 degrees again. I stopped to hook up my heated jacket (which I was wearing but did not turn on) and realized I forgot one attachment lead.  Ugh. Luckily Amazon to the rescue– it should be to me by Monday so I can be toasty on the ride home 

But other than being cold PCH 1 was a lovely ride. Barely any cars, wide sweepers and S turns, only a few hairpins, an ever present ocean, and spectacular bridges and tunnels.   I’m so glad they reopened it.

When the sun was peeking through it was marvelous.  Look at that empty road-all to myself

Then it grew colder with the fog and chill–ominous in its own way

Colder and rainy as I got closer to Monterey. Thank heavens for heated grips. 

Approaching the Golden Gate bridge I caught up with some fellow motorcycles and followed them through the tunnel.  They were on little 250’s and rode like it too

So close to Carolina’s now. Crossing the GGB 

Another safe trip and the holidays with good friend’s. ☺

Here we are at Cirque Du Soleil Volta for Mary’s birthday

Mary, me, Jennifer, Carolina

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