Dash & Raquel

Here they are, side by side, for the first time.

A handsome couple

Rick this is for you

Check out those super shiny forks! Now you won’t be embarrassed riding with us

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The ride home

460 total miles on the 101, 46, 1, Foxen Canyon and the 154 for the day.

56 miles per gallon according to my fancy display.  No more adding and dividing for me!

1,565 total miles.  Not a bad first outing.

I decided to mix it up a bit as the 101 was getting hot and I was getting bored.  I thought it would be nice to see a Zunkey (zebra and donkey mash up) out near Hearst Castle.  It was so overcast I knew they wouldn’t be out but I gave it a try anyway.  They weren’t there and the 1 is still closed from a rock slide so many years ago.  You can only go so far and then you have to turn around.

Instead of a Zonkey (wouldn’t that have been a magical end to my whimsical ride?) I stopped and took a picture of the view.

The remainder of the ride was thankfully uneventful after numerous miles of lane splitting in Northern CA and then of course on the South Coast as I closed in on home.

Raquel performed without a hitch.  I am not very happy with my left mirror and will need to either adjust that or find different mirrors (maybe the ones Dash has?  That could be a nice addition I think).

Here is the final odometer reading

A nice first outing for Raquel

Now to answer some of Rickina’s sarcastic comments.  I think he is just jealous he didn’t come with me (ha ha).  It would have been right up his alley except for the heat, and cold, and mist, and ….

Sarcastic comment

#1: That’s too damn hot for riding.  But, you’re wearing your leather I’m sure , so you stayed nice and cool

–Why yes I was and yes I did.  Leather is the true riding attire of a motorcyclist Rick.  Not mesh

#2: Where was Lucy?  Maybe you should be the one behind the desk

–Lucy was being re-purposed and turned into Marilyn Monroe Lucy.  I am not certain it was a good look for          her.  🙂

#3: I can’t believe that with those nice hard cases you’re still strapping that army bag precariously to the rear seat!  What the hell do you carry in there Miss “I don’t need two saddlebags?

–I will always bring my army bag with me.  Even if I was pulling a trailer.  The rucksack goes along on my adventures.  It isn’t strapped on “precariously” I use rock straps.  That bag isn’t going anywhere.  The saddlebags were not full by any means.  However I was able to put stuff in there without concern (like the bottle of whiskey I picked up and all my clothes that I had to remove when it soared to 100 degrees).  It is nice having extra space.  I’m a tad concerned that my packing skills will fall into oblivion as I become a lazy packer like others who will go unmentioned!

Love you Rickina!

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Today I left the SPLASH gang 

It was a misty morning and the hotel staff put towels on each of our bikes to wipe off the dew.  It was a nice touch. As I said goodbye to my old friend Jimmy it was with sadness. We have such a good time together laughing over silly stuff I can’t even remember now. The group  was headed to Fort Bragg and I was on my way to Santa Rosa.  We split up after a few miles on the 101. The SPLASH group is such fun (and they are all so nice)   I cannot wait to ride behind them next year (they are a fast group too).

Here is a group picture that Jimmy sent me from their day

A motley crew for certain!

But first a shout out to Nay Nay-  Happy Birthday my sweet angel! Today was all about whimsy and magic and savoring the day

Here is a picture of Jimmy

Once we split I regretted not going with them but was reassured knowing that I could stop at all my silly roadside stands. 

So here we go. The first was a tribute to big foot. Raquel looks fitting there in front of Sasquatch I believe 

The next stop was a log house built with one log. I didn’t go inside but what a great idea. I may just put that on my Kentucky \Indiana homestead (Lucy’s Holler’ –a one log house)

Off Raquel and I rode to the next amazing attraction which was Confusion Hill.  I loved it.

That place was a treasure trove of fun. From attractions to information to souvenirs it had it all. I am a huge Ripleys believe it or not fan and here was one big as life  

And here it was right in front of my eyes in real life!  Believe it

Next was a shoe to crawl about in and a carousel

That was just a few of the magical sites. I had to push on so the next stop was a painted side of some building I couldn’t tell what it was but it was interesting and had caught my eye when I was traveling Northbound.

Onward I went southbound as the temperature steadily rose until I arrived at Carolina’s for a brief outing and early dinner. Here I met up with Lucy my favorite Schultz character as we toured his museum.

And so to bed this chapter until in return safely home tomorrow late afternoon.

Goodnight and sleep well

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They keep telling me what SPLASH stands for 

And I can’t remember. I think it is SPort Lap Around mt. St. Helens 

The story goes they used to ride around Mt St Helens and then branched out to other areas.  They began the club in 1998 so it is their 20th Anniversary this year.  

Today we rode just over 300 miles and it was ALL rwisty, curvy, and 2 hairpin turns. Rick would have loved this ride. I actually missed having you in my ear Rickina.  

It was perfect weather even though if was chilly to begin with. We left Fortuna and it was 51 degrees but it didn’t really seem that cold. By the time  we got to Redbluff for lunch it was 92 degrees. By the time we finished lunch it was 101.   

We rode the 36 up and back and it is an amazing road.  They are doing construction so we had to ride over loose pack  gravel then dirt and then more gravel mixtures. It was an interesting obstacle. these people ride fast and I mean fast. I did okay getting there but coming back I  had about enough of the twisties and just wanted to be done. Also some of the way back was a sheer drop in my right and those displease me greatly so that did not help  my irritability. But I pulled over and took a break along the side of the road and that helped my cranky disposition and Jimmy was lovely as he waited for me and escorted me through the construction zone in case I dropped Raquel. Ha ha. A distinct possibility. 

Before lunch Jimmy snapped a pic of his helmet to chronicle all the insects he killed along the way.  That’s what motorcycle people do we chronicle our faceshields 

Here we are by the side of the road waiting for others in the group. It was a big group for sure. This is roughly 2\3 of us 

Tomorrow back to Santa Rosa via the 101. Maybe I will stop at some of the kitchey road side stands I didn’t on the ride North. 

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Rode only 195 miles today so was able to get a leisurely start to Fortuna, CA

I had a horrible headache all last night and into today. I rarely get headaches so I was not pleased.  I can only assume it was a combination of dehydration, nasty head wind buffeting me all about, a tiny so windscreen, and new helmet liners.  Luckily after IBs and the worlds healthiest breakfast and a ton of Gatoraide I was put to rights.

Before I left Jennifer took me shopping as he needed stuff. That chick likes to shop!  We went to look for furniture and then we went to Best Buy to buy computer’s (yes plural).  I mentioned on the way back about seeing a Lucy statue in a parking lot in her psychiatrist booth. This launched into a conversation about Charles Schultz and how he was born and raised in Santa Rosa and these statues are all over. So off we went on a quest to find Lucy from my scanty recollection of seeing her with Carolina.

And we found her

But there were others so I was told and so we kept searching. Jennifer recalled one at the Charles Schultz Museum so there we went. Jennifer being a chatterer started speaking with a docent and we were whisked to the back where they keep all things “retired” and here was the original booth-

As if that wasn’t super groovy once we got to their house this was just outside

I left around noon and my Sena is still not downloading to this Kindle but the ride to Fortuna was amazing. The weather was perfect (if not windy but nothing like yesterday) and the roads were twisty with S curves and lovely scenery. All and all a wonderful 3.5 hours of riding.

Once at the hotel I met the SPLASH group and they are a rowdy bunch.  They make me look demure.

Here is one of their bikes and a rider named Deb decided to wash her clothing and hang it on someone else’s bike. When asked why she didn’t hang it on her own bike she said that wouldn’t be as funny. This group has been riding together for almost 2 decades. I asked what SPLASH stood for and I was told but I can only remember sport bike and mount saint helens.

Here we are at dinner

Tomorrow we ride the 36. A lovely road.

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Maiden voyage for Raquel

Working our way North to Fortuna, CA.  Our first leg was 400 miles.  And the entire journey was cold and worse than that windy.  The gusts were up to 25 mph and I felt each and every one of them.

However the heated grips on Raquel were amazing. I am so glad I added them

Here is a picture of us before we left

Here she is from above. I have never had so much room to pack it was a luxury.

And here is the obligatory odometer reading.

I was finally able to download pictures from my Sena.  I am over this Kindle.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from the 101

Here is my favorite bridge the Richmond-San Rafael.  It doesn’t show it’s majesty here but it stretches out like a snake.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Tomorrow off to see Jimmy and his SPLASH friends.  As for tonight Carolina made me go on a hike with her this afternoon as she said all I did was sit all day.  I won’t repeat my reply.

Now I’m completely exhausted and have convinced her to watch the last episodes of The Americans.  Also I can’t seem to download my pics from my Sena.  I may have to work that one out when I get home.

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Quick ride with Rick and Laura

It has been far too long since we took a ride together so this weekend was chosen and it was a perfect riding day.  We decided to take the 154 to Foxen Canyon into Santa Maria.

Nice little twisty for our efforts

After eating at Pappy’s (Rick’s choice because he is on a strict eating schedule of 9am and 11:30am and one does not want to interfere with that!) we rode to Solvang to visit my favorite mission.

Laura leading the way into Solvang.

Of course once there we were delighted to know there was a parade–but first we took a tour in the museum and gardens.  Whenever I am in Solvang I visit the gardens and go to one of the many grottos they have there.  Little did I know that the one I always seek out was none other than Bernadette Soubirous being visited by the Virgin Mary.


I tossed a coin in with the hope that it would land at her feet and I am pleased to announce it actually did (okay, it took me three tries but it did).

We also went into the chapel which is simply breathtaking…

As the band played on (with an interesting tuba as the main instrument) we attempted to leave.  Blocked by a multitude of horses and party goers we thought it it best not to join the queue of horseback riders so Laura got the nice parade guard to open a gate so we could sneak out.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful (which is always good when motorcycling).  I must say communicators (we use Sena) are great things but for some reason, today, Rick had a million and one questions.  What questions you ask?  “Well, where does that road go?”  “What is that over there?”  “Do you know what that is?”  “Where does that road go?” and of course Rick’s favorite question, “where does that road go?”  Honestly, enough already! Luckily I love him.

Just over 200 miles (and unfortunately 200 questions) with a bunch of  twisty back roads!

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Camshaft is in

Now for just 200 other details to be accounted for and Dash will be road worthy once again.

Look at how shiny he looks. All polished and ready for the rocker cover.

Well if course I have to put in the pucks. Those tiny little rubber things smaller than a quarter which gave me no end of misery for 6000 miles. And it was only 2 of them that leaked. The other s dry as a bone on the Kansas prairie.

I can’t wait to give him a spin and to introduce him to Raquel

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It was time for Bernadette to go to another owner

I truly struggled with this decision but Bernadette had close to 19,000 miles and was going to need maintenance and I was worried about her reliability on long rides- though she was always flawless on each of her adventures- I knew one day she would not be. So here she is before I traded her in:

I looked high and low and did tons of research and finally decided upon a 2018 Suzuki SV650.

After 4 hours and with zero miles on the odometer I left the dealership. Here is my newest acquisition which I have named Raquel (thanks for the assistance on that name Rick):

Hopefully when Dash finds his way home he will love her as much as he did Bernadette. I think they could make a very handsome couple.

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Dash is finally getting repaired

Poor guy has waited a long time to get those pucks replaced.

Now he is in pieces waiting to be reassembled with new pucks, a cam shaft, rockers and cover, then the rest of the repairs: valve adjustment, timing and points, oil change, new spark plugs, fork oil, chrome headlight ears, the list goes on and on

Here are pictures of my sweet angel

Sans front tire and forks. Easier to work on…

Bits and bobs all around

Forks all polished so Rick will smile

I really beat the hell out of him on the USA tour. I miss him

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