The Evolution of “Dash”

How Dash began as a stock maroon SOHC and was transformed into a custom mint chip paint scheme modified cafe racer (say that 3 times quickly).

In August of 2009 the original SOHC stock bike was delivered to California from somewhere cold and snowy.  Left in a garage Dash was now going to reside in sunny California.

Ready to ride but I wasn’t done yet

Dash bare-bones

After leaving Dash with Kott Motorcycles in Newhall California it was time to remove some of the stock items and to lower that seat.  There was no way I could touch so new upholstery was in order.  I chose a light green paint scheme which Dustin (the owner of Kott) dubbed “mint chip.”

You can visit Dustin’s website here where he shows off some of his builds–Dash used to be on his site but he has changed his rides a lot in the past 3 years:

Some of the work done:

Gone are the lollipop lights (never to return in the front of the bike only the rear), Lucas brake light replaces the stock, new shocks, new chain, pods instead of the stock airbox, new seat, gone is the grabrail, gone are the stock bars replaced by Norman M bars, gone is the tach, gone is the original speedo replaced by a mini (wish I had kept the original though), gone are the original mirrors.

By December 2010 Dash was ready to go.

The changes didn’t stop there…

I changed out the mirrors one more time to Halcyon mirrors, I upgraded the fuse box (no more glass fuses), put in a transistorized ignition (no more points to adjust), upgraded the brake lines with SS lines, put on better rear lights, upgraded the pods to K&N’s, drilled the front rotor, new throttle and clutch cable, and rode my bike to Santa Cruz to test out the fairing (which I now love).

Messing with the pods…Always messing with the pods


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