USA Tour day 17: 282 miles. 60N to 6 W to 20W to 2W to 4 W back to the 2 W 

Jamestown NY to Toledo OH = 4,339 miles thus far 

Yet another overcast morning but I was prepared today with a sweater. 

The roads were truly nice. Lots of sweepers and tiny towns as I passed from New York back into Pennsylvania and finally into Ohio where I actually captured the Ohio sign

I don’t know if it is me but everything looks similar. Indiana looks like Kentucky which looks like Virginia which looks like Pennsylvania and on and on.  

At least Kansas can lay claim to looking like nothing else. 

Some pictures of the landscape 

As I went through Cleveland Ohio I couldn’t pass up seeing some water. Finally …

Ohio started to get sketchy after I met B Boy in Cleveland so I immediately ignored my GPS and got back on the 2 W.  I decided to bypass Sandusky OH, which was my initial destination, and instead went on to Toledo (holy Toledo) Ohio. 

Stopped at a hotel with an in room jacuzzi and ready to go visit some giants in Illinois tomorrow. 

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USA Tour day 16: 373 miles. 33N to 380 N to 17 W (Southern Tier Expressway) to 60

Phillipsburg NJ to Jamestown NY

The day started early but it was sprinkling and very cold.  I think Aunt Shirley had been checking the weather because before I left she was peppering me with “What happens if it rains and —–” I finally asked her why she was asking so many rain questions and she replied “No reason”. Ha ha. 

I got out of P’burg easily enough even though it was raining.  Forward  Dash and I went into the cold and rainy morning 

The rain stopped after a short while but the cold lingered. In Seneca New York I stopped to take a picture of the river (and I needed to stretch for a bit).

Around the corner was a girl selling some crafts she had made and I could not resist the yellow kitty. It reminds me of my two sweeties whom I miss more and more each day.  Yellow kitty now rests safely on top of my tank bag.  

The rest of the ride was super pretty. It is amazing how vast this country is 

Tomorrow off along the Ohio River and into Ohio for the evening. A tad more than halfway done with my epic adventure or harebrained adventure depending on the day 

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USA Tour day 15: 0 miles

Today was a day of sleeping in and going on an auto tour with Aunt Shirley. Oh, and being a Sherpa to put away food and supplies and multiple plates in the “scary” basement. 

Here we all are yesterday eating the most memorable meal. Lots of laughter and sarcasm. Just the way New Jersey should be.  From left and around is Emily (Beth’s youngest daughter), Beth, Uncle Howard, me, Josh (Beth’s husband) and Amy who drove in from NY just for dinner and left the next morning. Aunt Shirley is clearly missing as she was taking the photo. I also got to speak with Sarah and Eve who live out of State. 

Aunt Shirley and I tried all day to get photos from her phone to download. Ha ha but here they finally are…

Here is when I first arrived with Aunt Shirley 

And here is Uncle Howard

Lastly we took a picture in their living room which is truly that opulent

On our auto tour we went to the High School and I have to say I was not pleased. It looks like a hospital with room numbers in windows and cars and buses…yuck. I prefer to remember my P’burg High School   guess in that instance Rick was right about going home. 

The property around the HS is amazing – the playing fields and space is beautiful. Now that I really liked. 

Tomorrow off to Lakewood New York. Half way home!!!

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USA Tour day 14: 87 miles. 206 N to 29N to 579 N to 173 to 673 N to 57 to 22 to lovely Phillipsburg NJ

Southampton NJ to Phillipsburg NJ

Home sweet home….Hmmmm

Left my brothers for a quick ride to P’burg but first I wanted to visit my Aunt Dora. She lives up a literal country road that winds and meanders only to end in gravel and pot holes. 

On my way to her house here I am passing through Historic Trenton (that made me laugh) – Historic Trenton that’s not what I used to call it 

Here were the roads I traveled. Very beautiful. If nothing else where I lived is at least that 

But back to Aunt Dora-how she maintains those 4+ acres at 94 is simply amazing. When I arrived, and yes Stevie, I actually made it to her front door (ha ha) a meal had been laid out like 15 people were going  to be there.  I hadn’t been at her house in over 20 years but it was so familiar. 
Here we are posing with Dash. 

Aunt Dora is the keeper of all the Moschini stories and for over 2 hours we talked about everything from my grandparents to present day neices and nephews. It couldn’t have been a better visit. 

Off I went to Phillipsburg to ride about and visit my Uncle Howard and Aunt Shirley (who aren’t really related but they should be thus the Aunt and Uncle). 

I thought I would ride by the High School, which I did, which now apparently is the Middle School 

So I rode to the Middle School which is now apparently the Elementary school

I then rode to the Elementary school (called Barber school when I went) which is now the Department of Education offices.  

Where in the world is the High School?

I next rode to Jimmy’s hot dog stand to make certain that wasn’t a doughnut shop and luckily it was still Jimmy’s hot dogs. Here is a picture of the bridge leading from NJ into Pennsylvania across the Delaware River 

My next stop was Saint Phillip’s and Saint James were I did my catechism classes. I have no idea how I completed them and was confirmed because those nuns had it in for me and would send me to sit in the hallway more often than not. Well, I guess some people just don’t appreciate my sense of whimsey and humor 

Then off to the Phillipsburg library where I spent the majority of my youth escaping into books. 

Somewhere in the travels was this trestle bridge. I always.loved these bridges 

My last stop on memory lane  was my family home.  

Those pines in the front yard my Daddy planted as two little trees. They really got away from us. When they were little my Dad would put lights on them every Christmas. As they grew Mom insisted he keep doing it. I worried he would kill himself getting to the top of those trees. Ha ha

Here is the backyard. It didn’t have a deck or a randomly placed tin shed at the time. But the tree is still prominent. My Daddy and Uncle Howard planted that tree at 1am the day I was born. Uncle Howard drove his Cadalliac (the NJ version of a Jaguar) to the lawn, put the headlight on and they planted that tree from Uncle Howards store.  I used to climb way up and then get scared on the descent. Daddy had to rescue me more than a few times. 

I am so happy it was still there. 
I arrived at Aunt Shirley’s nnd Uncle Howard’s in like 3 seconds (funny how when I lived here everything seemed so much further away) and there was a table set for 7 and food galore. I felt like royalty. 

I will post pictures of us later today as I am not riding today just resting and being pampered as Aunt Shirley will NOT have it any other way. 

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USA Tour day 13=289 miles. 340 N to 15N to 30E (Lincoln Hwy & Civil War Trail) to 202 to 320 to 1E to 73 to 616 to 70

Luray Caverns VA to Southampton NJ

I awoke in Virginia after dreaming of being home with my kitties. We were so happy and cozy. I really miss them 

Today I went through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That’s a lot of States 

I finally caught a roadside sign. Here is Maryland’s signage- a very pretty state a lot like Virginia 

Roads looked mainly like this. 

Then into Pennsylvania and again I caught the signage. One thing I missed though was the Amish horse and buggy that came cruising by.

Here is the Tacony Palmyra Bridge leading from PA to NJ 

Throughout PA and NJ everyone had a yard sale or flea market or antique store. Clearly this is where my affinity for such things comes from. I was indoctrinated subconsciously as a youth. 

The only car mishap happened in Pennsylvania (of course). The oldest driver ever was going slow then fast then slow  I raised my hands in exasperation and he decided to just stop driving. What?  Honestly?  So I swerved around him and on I went. About 15 miles down the road the same thing happened to another rider. Pennsylvania.  

I arrived at a my brothers and before we went out for a meal this was roaming about on his front yard which he claims is far better manicured than this picture would lead one to believe. However, the deer are accurately portrayed. 

Tomorrow off to my home town and visiting my Aunt and family friends. This should prove interesting. Going home after 11 years 


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USA Tour day 12: 271 miles. 221 N to Blue Ridge Parkway to 460 to29 E to 6 E to 151 to 250W (so happy to be heading West) to 340 to 211

Galax VA to Luray Caverns VA = 3,308 miles so far. 

It was a great day. The weather was perfect if not a tad chilly. It was like riding in the Pacific Northwest (except there was almost no traffic). 

On my way to the Blue Ridge Parkway I saw my first deer which looked at me and then  got spooked and started darting about. Luckily it didn’t leap into the lane. The second one did what most deer do when an old Honda blows by – looks and then continues  grazing. 

At the Blue Ridge a large signed loomed which told motorcyclists not to ride the road as it had just been slurried and had gravel (a driver at a gas station told me the same thing). 

Undaunted I rode on

After stopping at a visitor center the guy inside said the road surface was fine but the construction was slowing everyone to a crawl. I decided to go a bit further and then get off. I got off a tad too early so it wasn’t twisty turns until I got back to the 6. 

Basically I decided that Rick, Laura, and I (and Jimmy and Laura) will come and ride the entire parkway in 2019 or 2020. That will be spectacular and something to look forward too. 

I stopped in Luray VA so I could visit the caverns. Here is the entrance. Very grand 

They were so massive it was overwhelming. Different from the Indiana Caverns (and its boat) this had an organ that played notes off of the stalactites. No joke

It had fried eggs which they used to let people rub for good luck but it was beginning to disappear so that stopped in 2000

It had a lake 

And of course a bunch of chambers. Here is a stalactite that fell about 7,000 years ago 

And lastly a wishing  well. They empty the pool once a year and donate the money 

Of course it didn’t have my gypsies. 

Tomorrow off to my brothers in New Jersey  and some maintenance on Dash (oil change and chain cleaning). Though he is spewing his oil onto me so changing it seems silly (not really he has done so well). 

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USA Tour day 11: 205 miles. 15 N to 23S to 58E to 16 to 89 

Hazard KY to Galax VA

I should call this the Oil Leak Tour.  It was a very cloudy beginning but I wasn’t going far so I took off leisurely. Kentucky was pretty but I couldn’t understand half of what they said. I stopped at a gas station and an attendant came out after about the first sentence I understood. Then a second guy came out asking me about my bike. It took me a few sentences to follow along.  Then a third fellow came out (it was like a hillbilly clown car in that office) and I couldn’t understand him in the least. The other two translated. I wonder if they had as much trouble with my speech. 

The roads today were all lovely. Twisty, S curves, a few hairpins, and long sweepers. They were also called by different names I couldn’t recall them all but the 58 is Virginia Scenic Byway. The 23 is the Country Music Highway.  I went through the Jefferson Forest too. 

The towns and houses were super cute too 

All in all a great day. I also decided I had just about had it with oil spray. So here is my photo documentary:

Notice the oil dripping all the way to the clutch basket which eventually  made it’s way to my foot and the shifters. 

Now I have as many towels as I can stuffed into those fins. Luckily it is cool here as those fins regulate  Dash’s temperature. I also degreased him and will be changing his oil and lubing the chain in 2 days. At least there should be less oil spray now. 
Tomorrow Blue Ridge Parkway and Luray Caverns in Virginia for one more night 

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USA Tour day 10: 324 miles.  66E to 62 E only to turn around to 64E to 150 to 71 to 61 back to the 62 to the Bluegrass parkway to 60 to 4 to 27 to 11 to 77 Red River Gorge to 715….geesh

Leopold IN to Hazard KY

The day started out wonderfully (other then having to say goodbye To my gypsies) but once I got to the 62 I saw this

Apparently the thunder and lightening storm of yesterday washed out the road.  After turning around and wondering why Renee’s best laid map of beautiful backroads was thwarted I returned to the 64 and took an expedient route for a bit 

I think this is the Ohio River on my way through Louisville

I soon returned to some lovely backroads on my way to Red River Gorge 

Lovely twisties

A frightening tunnel– only room for one and black as night. Uneven walls and wet throughout made for a scary few minutes. That tunnel may haunt me more than this oil leak which seems to be increasing. 

After some nice twisties and 2 hairpins I made it to the top of the gorge (see Renee I made it! Thanks for plotting the ride for me). I met some people from Canada who were here to view the eclipse. We talked about the 395 as we both had the same stickers 😊

Only an hour away from Hazard the road was super nice with sweepers 

Why Hazard Kentucky you ask?  Well for this picture

Sometimes I really wonder about me. 

Tomorrow on to Galax Virginia to get ready for the Blue Ridge parkway. Dash is doing so well other then the leak. I hope it doesn’t just keep getting worse. Oh well. SOHC boys say “top off and carry on”. 

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USA tour day 9= 0 miles 

It was a day of Indiana Caverns in Corydon IN.  It was lovely- and not just because I was with my Gypsies. I have never been in a cave where you took a boat ride. It was just completed for tourist travel in 2012 

Here we three are in the boat ride underground

The rest of the ride and walking through the caverns was amazing also, outside thunder and lightening was raging. It was absolutely magical. 

Of course prior to going to the caves we stopped to visit Dash whom I really miss. He isn’t losing much oil considering what a mess it is to clean about 5 ounces or so. I am going to put in motorcycle specific oil from now on for the remainder of the trip and see how that goes. 

Here are more pictures of the caves. Oh, and I got a smooched penny for my collection

See the gnome in the lower left corner of the I page below?

This picture is when we entered the boat and went on our way 

This blog post never ends. Ha ha. Here are my troubadour’s (Troubadour’s of Divine Bliss) singing three of their new sings for me. So amazing 

Here I am inserting myself into the group of two. Now we Are three 

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USA Tour day 8=0 miles

A lovely day with my gypsies and their friends waiting for and watching the eclipse. Renee had purchased some solar binoculars, which are super cool, and Renee and Annie were hard at work figuring out  the complicated task of setting them up

After that ordeal it was time too sit about and wait. Here is before the eclipse from their backyard

As the eclipse began silence ensured from both people and animals. No birds, crickets, nothing. We set intentions and watched the beauty unfold from their pond. 

Here is the Angel that watches over Isis (the pond)

And here is the eclipse 

It is now raining lightly outside which is a soothing end to what feels like a long day.  Tomorrow I visit Dash, whom I miss very much, check out the oil situation and off we go caving. 

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