USA Tour: August 14 to September 7, 2017

As with all my adventures I have to add the final map and speedometer reading:

And here is the map of the ride.  Phew…

Memorable moments day by day:

Day 1:  Moving past my fear and actually leaving to meet Matt in Flagstaff AZ

Day 2: Matt and I on our way to meet up with the SOHC-4 crowd at our 1st Family Reunion.  Oh, and no oil leak at this point

Day 3: Meeting the SOHC-4 family in Dolores Colorado and drinking Georgia moonshine!

Day 4: A wonderful ride to meet up with Joanne in Pueblo, CO

Day 5: Midway USA Kansas (even though I was in Kansas)

Day 6: I survived the mosquito’s-I can’t even tell you how awful they were

Day 7: An early morning thunder storm and finally with my gypsies in Indiana

Day 8: The solar eclipse, a light rain, and a day of rest

Day 9: The Indiana Caverns, more thunder, and singing with my Troubadours of Divine Bliss


Day 10: Riding the Red River Gorge

Day 11: I was tempted to stop the trip, but with encouragement from friends, I kept on to see the Goose in Hazard Kentucky

Day 12: Blue Ridge Parkway (see you again either in 2018 or 2019) and the Luray, Caverns in Virginia

Day 13: Lovely roads into New Jersey and time spent with my brother and his family.

Day 14: Visiting with my Aunt Dora and not dropping the bike in her gravel driveway.  The most memorable meal in Phillipsburg with my adopted family the Falks.  I have a lot of adopted families!

Day 15: Day of sight seeing where I got to see how my home town has changed.  A bittersweet day actually

Day 16: My craft kitty purchased in Seneca NY

Day 17: Wonderful roads and finally some water to look at during the ride through Cleveland

Day 18: Peoria IL and Vanna!

Day 19: Casey IL the home of everything big

Day 20: Route 66 and the Mule Trading Post in Rolla, MO

Day 21: Those darned spider web nests in Arkansas.  What are they anyhow?

Day 22: A super nice, lonely guy just outside of Lubbock TX, gives me some lucky Buddhas for my journey

Day 23: The ever climbing road to Cloudcroft (82W) in New Mexico.  Surprisingly not “The Thing” which was the point of the route for the day

Day 24: Following my shadow from Tucson AZ to California and Rick’s house

Day 25: A safe and successful journey home and my ocean

All in all, traveling across the USA on a 41 year old motorcycle…

Scratch it off the bucket list!

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