USA Tour day 24: 452 very hot miles. 10W

Tucson AZ to Grand Terrace CA

And when I say hot I mean bowels of hell hot. 

I knew it would be so I left at 6am (the earliest time where the sun was up- I don’t ride at dawn as a rule). Here was an early morning picture at 6am and it was already 71 degrees 

At 9:30 am it was 94 degrees. By 11am it was 101 degrees. When I stopped for the day in Grand Terrace CA it was back to 94 degrees 

Basically I followed my shadow for over 400 miles 

It was monotonous and sweltering but once I saw my beloved California I was overjoyed.  

I spotted a train which always reminds me of a circus train so I had to take a picture plus I had to break the monotony of the ride by doing something…anything 

Just as I was 30+ minutes from my destination a California traffic jam appeared. I split lanes for about 3 miles (luckily it is legal to do that in CA) and then I had just about enough so I went to the inside emergency lane for a few miles and took my chances on getting a ticket. Once I saw the end I merged and found out a truck had lost haybales on the freeway. The funny thing was they were trying to sweep it up in the Riverside CA wind. What an exercise in futility. They needed a vacuum cleaner from the vacuum cleaner museum. They are probably still there trying to reign in the hay. 

Tomorrow home and the end of my most fabulous adventure. I cannot wait to be in my house again with my stuff and my sweet kitties. Hopefully they won’t be too mad at me.

For tonight I get to hang out with Rick and eat Mexican and drink and watch a bad but great movie!!!

By backdoormotoadventures

One comment on “USA Tour day 24: 452 very hot miles. 10W

  1. “Easy Rider” is so fun to watch now. So campy! I wonder how much coke was consumed during the making of that film? Crazy, man. :- ) Sorry I could not ride with you today but it was medical day starting with that broken tooth at 8!

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