USA Tour day 23: 478 miles. 82W to 54W to 10W

Artesia NM to Tucson AZ

I fixed my Sena so pictures are back on the table. Take that Mercury! 

The day started out very temperate then I started climbing in elevation. Dash doesn’t mind anything 6,000 feet or below but above that he gets a bit testy.  We ended up at 8,668 feet much to our surprise. But it was a lovely ride getting there on the 82 W.  Finally some nice curves much like the Blue Ridge Parkway

Once at the top Dash wanted to be a part of the train so he just pulled right in and soon he was part of the Cloudcroft Express

On the way  down and through New Mexico the weather was great and the scenery interesting. 

I knew, however, it would not last especially once I got to the 10W. My goal was to finally see “The Thing”.  Signs taunted me (I was in each of those places)

But before I got there I found a tunnel (my favorites). Here it is off in the distance 

And once inside (far less scary than the one Renee sent me through. Ha ha )

 But finally, through the heat and the humidity, I arrived at “The Thing”

Was this The Thing?

No, but it was super cute. I want one for my very own. 

Here is The Thing!  Not much to say, on either of our parts. 

After the ritual of paper toweling Dash’s left side fins we took off for Tucson.  On my way the rocks got progressively larger. These weren’t even the largest of the bunch. 

Tomorrow I leave bright and early to escape the eventual heat and get to California.  There’s no place like home 

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