USA Tour day 22: 432 miles.  287 N to FM104W to 70W to FM193 S to 83W to FM2196 to 82 W

Wichita Springs TX to Artesia NM. 

First I have to say that Texas killed my Sena.  Bright and early it just would not work. Oh well, I blame Mercury.  Hopefully I can get it fixed but if not at least the scenery sucks so nothing lost.  

I do wish it had worked on the FM 104W as it was like wild kingdom in 3D. First a bobcat or coyote ran in front of me then reversed course and ran back from whence it came. Then a series of road runners darted all over. They are so pretty. Then four deer kept pace with me only to have two dart into my lane (but I was ready for it and got out of the way) while the other two stayed on their side. But the two that crossed leapt over the barbed wire fence like ballerinas, so effortless. Then somehow a cow got on the road side of the barbed wire. We scared each other.  

This is Texas.  Urban sprawl and desolation. 

This is also Texas. Apparently someone gave the kid a burnt umber crayon and there you have it 

As always I have to stop to put in new paper towels to attempt to curb the oil spraying everywhere.  While doing so (about 30 miles East of Lubbock) a guy was loitering about and we struck up a conversation about Dash of course.  He asked if he could take a picture and told me whenever a car or motorcycle that is unique comes through he takes pictures. I asked him why he was standing around in 91 degree weather and he said he was taking a walk I looked at him quizzically and he then explained he was getting a Red Box but the machine was broken. He then told me about himself and CA and Lubbock TX.  He was chatty. A bug the size of my big toe crawled by me and I shrieked. Those bugs are scary. After 20 minutes my new friend gave me a parting gift as he said he doesn’t believe in Buddha “stuff” but maybe I did and I would need luck for the rest of my journey. 

I thanked him and when I turned around to talk to him again he was gone. I never even got his name. What a nice guy. 

Tomorrow off to Arizona and The Thing!

By backdoormotoadventures

One comment on “USA Tour day 22: 432 miles.  287 N to FM104W to 70W to FM193 S to 83W to FM2196 to 82 W

  1. Did you stop at the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock? I would have loved to have seen that. Much of Texas is actually under immense construction, not urban decay. My brother’s little town of Frisco, a bit outside Dallas, is, unfortunately, undergoing major growth. The Cowboys built a “practice” stadium there and it has attracted all kinds of businesses and major construction–hotels, office buildings. Amazing. I’m not a big fan of Texas due to the weather and flat, boring topography, but you can’t deny its economy is booming–or was before Harvey decided to visit. California is busy chasing out its middle class and Texas (and several other states) are welcoming the refugees.

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