USA Tour day 21: 388 miles. 412W to 69S to 7W to 22W to 177 to 35 to 70

Springdale AK to Wichita Texas

The day started out in the mid-60s and ended at 94 degrees. Dash is doing so well. I keep telling him only 4 more days total.  

I went from Arkansas to Oklahoma and ended in Texas. Let’s just say that Oklahoma looks just like Kansas except instead of an almond beige crayon someone colored the edges in with Forest Green.

 Also, roughly 90% of the motorcyclists I saw were riding a Can-Am (otherwise called a motorized tricycle). It was pretty surprising. 
Here was a bridge I crossed over after leaving Oklahoma called the Red River bridge. I had just left the Apache reservation. The river looked more muddy than red to me. 

While still in Oklahoma I saw these spider web nests, in the branches of trees, again. They are monstrous. I think they were in Kansas too or maybe it was in Missouri I can’t recall. They remind me of the ending of the Steven King novel\movie “It”

I may be wrong but I think a Can-Am might have been inside one of them. 

Tomorrow I will be somewhere in New Mexico. I have not decided where we will stop. But it will be in NM. What a day!

By backdoormotoadventures

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