USA Tour day 20:  356 miles.  50W to 63 S to 60W to 65S to 86S to 23 S to 12S

Pacific MO  to Springdale AK

The 50w parallels the 66 so lots of roadside stands and Route 66 Memorabilia. I have to say that MO from IL is much nicer than MO via KS. 

Since I was being besieged by Route 66 signs I decided to stop at the Mule Trading Post. What a great store I am glad I didn’t have a car I would have purchased a lot of stuff. As it was I found the cutest little trinket porcelain tray with an owl. Very 70s. Now my yellow kitty has an owl but she is tucked away in my panniers so she doesn’t break. 

I want these

The billboards kept me company until I got onto the 63S (which is a nice blue highway). But I digress, on the 50 I learned there is a Cowboy Church and that MO has a vacuum cleaner museum. Who knew?

Once I got off the 63 and onto the 60W there were some serious bugs. It was like being hit with triple dipped chocolate covered cherries. My head actually snapped back each time I was pelted. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to see if this kept up. 

I also finally snapped a picture of those elusive Amish horse and buggies. 

Once Arkansas loomed rock formations began to appear and I rode on such nice roads once I hit the 89 and into Eureka Springs AK. 

Some pictures from the road

Once I got to Eureka Springs it was outrageously crowded. Tons of cars, motorcycles, pedestrians and I truly don’t think they built anything on level ground. But it was a quaint and super hip town filled with history. I soon realized I would not find a hotel room over the Labor Day weekend so I trudged onward to Springdale AK. 

I found a hotel called The Inn at the Mill. 

Here is some history for you Rick. The mill was built in 1835 and during the Civil War Battle at Pea Ridge the Confederate Army and some Cherokees partially burned it to the ground so that the Union Army could not use the gristmill. Apparently this happened a lot between the two armies and unfortunately many civilians starved in the process. In 1867 the mill was rebuilt and the hotel was built in the early 1990’s.  

Overall, a good day today even though I did not get to enjoy Eureka Springs more than I did. Tomorrow off to Oklahoma and Texas. 

So after 5,508 miles I can honestly say this trip has brought out both sides of me!

By backdoormotoadventures

One comment on “USA Tour day 20:  356 miles.  50W to 63 S to 60W to 65S to 86S to 23 S to 12S

  1. Absolutely love the last two pics. Yes, a long ride brings out the dueling personalities in all of us! Especially where it’s muggy. Thanks for the history lesson about the old mill. Very cool. War is hell. That’s an eternal truth.

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